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April 26, 2011

Around Massachusetts

Government Takes a Bite Out of Water Fluoridation

On January 7, 2011, came the most encouraging news weve heard in over four decades the Department of Health & Human Services has recognized that Americans may indeed be receiving too much fluoride, and that overexposure can cause dental fluorosis. The issue was reported by several news sources; among them National Public Radio, and ABC News. Click Here to read Full Article

Legislature will not consider mandate...

From The Daily News Tribune, Saturday March 4th, 2006 - "A proposal to mandate fluoridation of most water supplies in the state was effectively killed this week when the Legislature’s Public Health committee decided not to consider it any further this session." Read full article online at:

Citizens Across Massachusetts Attend Fluoridation Hearing

Boston StatehouseArriving by car and by chartered bus, residents of Springfield, Chicopee, Agawam, and Westfield, joined citizens from the easter part of the state to attend a hearing at the Boston Statehouse. The legislation being considered in front of the Joint Committee on Health Care was the mandatory fluoridation bill requiring all communities in the Baystate to be fluoridated without the right to vote. After the usual testimony from the Dental Society that fluoridation was safe, many witnesses testified in oppostion to this legislation opposing the loss of the right to vote and fluoridation's association with health risks. Specific documentation can be found in a recent article that appeared in the Metro Daily News.

Linda McLaren and Dr. Stephen Dean testifyGiving testimony from the Springfield area, Linda McLaren, President of the Save Our Water Committee of Springfield, testified that she supported good dental health and voluntary dental health progdrams but did not want fluoride chemicals injected into Springfield's water supply, which has been rated the best in the country. Dr. Stephen A. Dean, President of the Massachusetts Communities for Pure Water, stated that the hearing on House Bill 2633 (mandate bill) is more about freedom than fluoridation and asked the committee to not legislation that denies community control of the Massachusetts water supply. He thanked Senate Minority Brian Lees and State Representative Sean Curren for their opposition to this legislation. In addition, he thanked State Representative Gale Candaras for her written opposition to this legislation.

Chartered bus to Boston Group visiting House Chambers Senator Lees[left] with Rep Curran pose with group in Senate Chambers

Fluoridation Loses in November Elections

Fluoridation was defeated in four out of the five cities throughout the country where fluoridation was on the ballot. Springfield, Ohio, Mono County, California, and Bellingham, Washington were among the cities that rejected fluoridation at the polls. Bellingham, Washington made national news when the Dental Society raised more than $260,000 to promote fluoridation only to go down to defeat. The head of the opposition reflected on the fluoride battle stating to the effect that he was happy that money could not buy votes. Read more on the election results by visiting the FAN website.


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